Simple Outdoors: Who & Why?

The story of Simple Outdoors starts with us - Lauren Jacobsen, a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Jason Lorenz, a not-so-recent New York transplant and BMX athlete. After several years of road trips and countless hours of research - we came to one conclusion: The outdoor/vehicle outfitting industry has lacked an alternative to spending thousands on camping gear, cargo boxes, racks and other gear. This comes paired with a hefty price tag and overwhelming in store experience. We wanted to simplify. 

The idea of "adventure for less" was something we had tossed back and forth for over two years. In 2018, while spending time on the road camping and exploring, we decided it was time to change the industry up. We had one goal in mind: to design and offer the absolute highest quality outdoor gear at the absolute best price. This way our customers can spend less on gear and more on their adventure.

In the era of the direct to consumer business model, we quickly realized that saving our customers money, allowing more people to afford outdoor gear, was something we could make happen. Operating under this model allows us to pass the savings on - keeping things simple for our customers.