Installation Guide

Congratulations on your new purchase! Before you set off on your adventure, we have put together a few installation tips to help guide you through the install process after you have received your new tent. 

First, you will need at least two horizontal crossbars that are at minimum 34" across (however, greater is always preferred when possible). Your crossbars also need to be at least a minimum of 30" minimum (from the front to back) or a maximum of 48" apart (from the front to the back). These recommended dimensions help distribute the weight better.

Our tent mounting hardware works on almost all crossbars (round, square, aero bars, etc.) as long as they are no more than 3.5" in width or 1.5" tall. If you have any questions regarding your crossbars, feel free to contact customer service. 

Now its time to install your new tent...

  • Step One: Remove your new tent from its packaging carefully and remove all protective film that is both on the top and bottom of the tent for protection
  • Step Two: Inspect the tent to ensure there was no damage during shipping
  • Step Three: You will need to open your new tent to retrieve the mounting hardware and ladder. To do this, unlatch the straps located on one end of the tent. This is the end that you will pop up to retrieve the tent (also the end that will go towards the back of your vehicle). 
  • Step Four: Gather some friends to help you move your tent on top of your crossbars. It is recommended that you have at least two other people helping you as it can be a bit challenging to maneuver. 
  • Step Five: To mount your tent to your crossbars, insert the bolts into the metal bracket (2 per set). Slide two mounting sets down each rail underneath the tent. Lift tent to position bolts to be on each side of each cross bar.